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Pet Club Membership Benefits

The pet club gives you 10% off the regular price of all live animals including fish, coral, invertebrates and reptiles. It also gives you 10% off frozen foods all the time. Plus there are rotating specials you are eligible for including 50 gallon Instant Ocean salt mix for $10.99, Instant Ocean 200 gallon Salt mix $39.99, Reef Crystals 50 gallon Salt mix $17.99, Reef Crystals 200 gallon salt mix $59.99, Whisper Power Filters 20% off, Marineland Power Filters 20% off plus many more specials. We currently have Ocellaris Clownfish for $14.99. Please Contact us at the store or on Facebook for our current Livestock Specials. These specials change as we negotiate specials with our suppliers.


Print this coupon and present it at Oceans and Seas for a discount on a valuable Pet Club Membership.