Freshwater Plants


Aquatic Plants


Oceans and Seas maintains a large selection of freshwater plants. We stock high quality aquatic plants in many colors and sizes to add beauty to any aquarium. Healthy, growing aquatic plants provide oxygen and remove some fish waste. A planted tank provides a more natural environment for your aquarium inhabitants.


Aquatic Plants

We carry a large number of freshwater plants including Swords, lace plant, Anacharis, Crypto, Cabomba, Ludwigia, and many grasses.


We stock the products to keep your plants healthy, including substrates, tools, and fertilizer.


Aquatic Plants For Any Aquarium


If you are just beginning or an experienced aquascaper we have plants you will enjoy. From difficult to easy, we have plants for every level of knowledge. Stop in today and see over 2500 gallons of freshwater display tanks.