Marine and Freshwater Fish


Oceans and Seas inc. is a retail tropical fish, reef, reptile, and supply store located at 26085 Gratiot, Roseville MI. We have a huge selection of Fish, coral, and other creatures for the marine and freshwater aquarium hobbyist. We are minutes from all areas of metro Detroit.


Oceans and Seas Storefront


We always have something new and unique. Our suppliers send us new and interesting items weekly. We are the first to get many items of limited availability, so check with us first!


We try to provide interesting specimens because we are hobbyists ourselves. We have been serving our customer with excellence in metro Detroit for over 40 years! Come on in, and let us impress you!


Coral, Invertebrates, and Supplies


Since 1972 we have been providing the best in aquarium products and services. We buy unique corals, fish, and many other items in large quantities. This allows us to lower our prices for you. We would not have remained successful without the loyal customers that return year in, and year out for our superior products and knowledgeable staff.




We are proud of our history and continue to provide the best methods to insure your success as a hobbyist. We have over 4000 gallons of marine tanks on display as well as over 2500 gallons of fresh water displays. We maintain this large display so that we can offer the best selection to our customers.


We are constantly updating and recently expanded our stores space to better serve our customers. We pride ourselves on our ability to obtain "rare" or "hard-to-find" species. Not only do we receive these rare species, but we also ensure their health (as well as other fish species) by placing them into our holding tanks.


A visit to our store is like a mini vacation. A glimpse into reefs that are teeming with life, and interacting knowledgeable staff will please any hobbyist, from amateur to breeder! Stop in, you won't be let down by your experience with us!

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Customer Testimonial


"Wonderful store with dedicated staff. Ive seen the same people working there for years. They’re always available to answer questions for the novice or to be sounding boards for more intermediate advanced owners. Wonderful diverse selection. The worse thing I could say is they have so much you really have to take the time investment to look around but most assuredly what you want, is somewhere. And if it so happens it isn’t, they’ll procure it for you. Love the betta selection and even though I don’t do saltwater tanks, the exotic corals and sea life are better then a trip to most aquariums in Michigan. Great fun, reasonable prices. Once I found this place I haven’t gone to another since."

~ Christopher 8-2020




Coral & Invertebrates

Oceans and Seas maintains a large selection of marine invertebrates. We have beautiful coral and live rock to stock your aquarium or reef tank.


Marine Fish

Marine Fish

We have over 4000 gallons of saltwater aquariums stocked with fish from around the world. We receive weekly shipments of marine fish.


Freshwater Fish


Oceans and Seas has over 2500 gallons of freshwater display tanks. We carry fish and plants in many colors and sizes, including rare and unique species.